How to Place a Bet on NFL Football Games

For those who want to wager on NFL games during the 2021 season, it is necessary to first grasp NFL odds and the fundamental bet kinds, as well as how to apply them on sportsbooks. Find some summaries of NFL bets you may make this season below, using a selection of our guides with live data at your disposal.

a point spread is a number of points spread out over a period of time

The obvious step from betting the moneyline to betting against the spread is to bet against the spread, which is particularly appealing if you like stories about underdogs. Not only will you get money if your team wins, but you will also make money if they lose by a smaller margin than the point spread. In the NFL, this is perhaps the most common sort of bet since it allows you to really dive down into offensive and defensive statistics to use as a foundation for your bets.

Totals (both above and below the line)

Betting on the over/under is a step removed from forecasting the outcome of any given clash. Betting on total points scored in a game is most popular, and you may place bets on whether that total will be more than or less than the point total established by the bookmaker in most cases. When placing a wager on totals, it is critical to do preliminary research, including examining head-to-head matchups to see how the teams have performed against one another in previous matches.

Bets on the moneyline

In the NFL, moneyline bets are the bread and butter for all gamblers, but they are particularly popular with newcomers. When placing moneyline bets, it’s critical to choose the underdog, particularly as the season progresses and factors like as form, standings, and injuries become more important in each encounter, as explained in detail here. Betting huge money on the underdog, on the other hand, is not recommended unless you feel you know something the bookie doesn’t already know.

Betting on the NFL in the future is a great option for bettors looking to make a long-term investment with their wagers. The sooner you make futures bets, the more the value you’ll often get, unless you choose an underperforming club throughout the season to be successful in your wagering endeavors. Picking a club to win their division, enter the playoffs, or even win the Super Bowl are all popular futures bets in the National Football League.

Prop bets are wagers that are placed on the outcome of a certain event.

Prop bets for the Super Bowl may be as random as the color of Gatorade that is dumped over a coach, but proposition bets for the regular season are far more focused on individual player performance. Essentially, any wager that does not directly influence the final scores may be classified as a prop wager. This includes markets such as First Touchdown Scorer, Wide Receiver Receiving Yards, and Quarterback Passing Yards, among others. These markets would be provided as over/under prop bets, which means that you would be wagering on whether or not the player would reach the total set by the sportsbook in question.


The process of placing parlay bets on the NFL is as simple as picking numerous moneyline wagers over a number of games. However, you may combine a variety of markets to extend your bet slip and increase your chances of getting higher odds. You can get a complete list of the games on our calendar, which will allow you to plan out advantageous matches and earn yourself a parlay victory this season.

NFL Live Streaming Betting

Live betting on the NFL is immensely popular, owing mostly to the many interruptions in play that enable for wagers on the next drive or play, player performance, and other prop bets to be placed. Of course, one of the most important aspects of live betting in the NFL is the cash-out (buy-out) option, which allows you to settle your wager early for a reduced price. Live betting in the NFL is dependent on the movement of the line over the course of a game, which is influenced by factors such as the time remaining on the clock, the scoreline, and the momentum of the game.

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