Slot Overview: Undead Fortune

Grave robbery has undoubtedly existed for as long as humans have been burying valuables with them. Perhaps wealthy individuals who intended to be buried with their possessions came up with the concept of zombies as a means of discouraging tomb robbers. Undead Fortune is another online slot from Hacksaw Gaming that shows the company’s darker side by giving players a taste of the undead, regardless of their origin. Inspired by games like Hand of Anubis and Gladiator Legends, this slot follows in their footsteps by building upon the DuelReels principle introduced by Hacksaw Gaming and mixing it with a plethora of extras including Walking Duels, Expanding Duels, a Curse Bonus Round, and a Tomb Bonus Round.

Unlike Hand of Anubis, where you may feel that your worldly acts were being assessed and you were being found lacking, Undead Fortune didn’t have quite the same effect at first. Even though Undead Fortune is full of disturbing visuals like a giant hooded snake, it failed to leave me feeling as hopeless as the original. Despite this irony, the action is high, and in no time at all the reels will be illuminated by animated zombie dwellers using the game’s features and, perhaps, parting with some of their wealth.

Undead Fortune’s 4 out of 5 volatility rating seems about right, given that slots from Hacksaw Gaming are notoriously risky. The return to player (RTP) may be adjusted between 0% and 96.29%, with a hit frequency of 26.77% at the highest setting. Regular players may choose from a range of stakes from 10 p/c to £/€100 on mobile, desktop, and tablet platforms.

The 5-reel, 4-row game panel in Undead Fortune is framed by a stone building covered in Egyptian carvings. There are 10 fixed paylines across its length, where players may win with any combination of symbols from three to five of a kind. The low-paying symbols are the royals from 10 Aces up, while the high-paying symbols are five different monsters or characters. One and a half times the wager for five royals and four to ten times the wager for five premiums are paid out for completing a winning five-of-a-kind line. Finally, the wild symbol appears on all reels and may be used in place of any normal pay sign. There is a 10x multiplier for five wilds on a payline.

Slot Machines with a Taste for the Dead

Undead Fortune is an original take on the slot machine genre that takes inspiration from its forebears. Walking duels, expanded DuelReels, The Curse, The Tomb, and various bonus buys are just some of the features that players can look forward to in this game.

Combat on Foot

Walking duels as a landing signal vs other walking activities. When a walking duel occurs, the wild symbol expands to fill the entire reel. They disclose both the monster’s identity and its multiplier. If the monster is vanquished, the multiplier applies to the entire reel, increasing the value of all winnings. In the event that more than one Walking battle contributed to the same victory, all applicable multipliers will be used. The range of possible multiplier values is from 2 to 200. When the monster is vanquished, the Walking duel sign expands and shifts to the left by one reel until it encounters an impediment in the form of another Walking duel symbol or the edge of the grid. A fresh combat takes place in the new location, following the same steps as before. On re-rolls, you may obtain new Walk VS symbols.

DuelReels is Developing

When the Expand VS symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, it sets off an Expanding battle. Duel symbols that extend to fill an entire reel are wild, and they reveal a monster and a multiplier. If the monster is vanquished, the multiplier remains intact, and the Expanding duel moves to the left by one reel (unless the expansion is obstructed by the board’s borders). After being inflated, a new monster and multiplier arrive and the process begins again. If the monster is vanquished after the enlargement, the new multiplier is applied to the original total. These multipliers range from 2x to 200x. If the monster isn’t vanquished or the Expanding duel reaches its limit, any winning lines that contain it will be increased by the multiplier. There cannot be both a Walk VS and an Expand VS icon present at the same moment.

Evil Spell

The Curse is a bonus round that is activated when three Curse symbols appear anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5 during the same basic game round. The Curse’s free spins feature increases the odds of getting the Walk VS and Expand VS symbols by two to one, for a total of ten free spins.

Sacred Ground: The Tomb

The Tomb bonus round is activated by getting three Tomb scatters anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 5. At the start of this round, multiplier values will appear above each reel. Not all of the reels are disabled. Any monster and a multiplier worth between 2x and 200x are unveiled when Tomb VS symbols appear on a spinning reel. If you defeat the monster, the multiplier will be applied to the total. When you lose a duel, the reel is locked. Once all five reels are locked, the bonus round concludes and the values displayed above the reels are won. However, unlocking reels is an option. All locked reels are opened when the Golden Unlock sign appears, or when 4 unlock symbols appear on a single locked reel.

The Epic Vs scatter sign is a further symbol that might appear throughout the feature. The entire grid turns into a battleground when hit, complete with enemies and a multiplier. If you come out on top of this fight, all of the values on the active reels will be either doubled by 2 up to 20 times or added to by a factor of 25 up to 200 times. If you lose this battle, the reel that the Epic VS symbol was on will be locked.

Funds Bonus Purchase

The five options for playing Undead Fortune are as follows from the game’s feature purchase menu:

Free Spins with Bonus Features – 3x the wager, with a 5x greater chance of triggering a bonus game on every spin. Extremely unstable.

You can increase your stake by 10 times during Walking Duel Feature Spins to ensure that the Walk VS symbol appears. Extremely unstable.

Spins with the Expanding Duel Feature – 50x the wager to ensure a single Expand VS symbol appears. Highly unstable.

If you get hit by The Curse, your stake will be multiplied by 100. Extremely tense situation.

Double your money at The Tomb. Extremely tense situation.

Casino Game with a Chance of the Undead

We were instantly drawn in by the gloomy imagery of Hand of Anubis, which blew in like a cool wind from the abyss. Undead Fortune has a similar effect, however it isn’t quite as strong. Because Hand of Anubis came out earlier and stole its spotlight, and because of the neon touches that give the game a feel reminiscent of a zombie rave from the 1990s. The men with the too large lips are particularly repulsive (for an internet slot), and there is a lot of other disturbing images as well. If you’re prone to night terrors, you might want to play the game during the day or with the lights on. Some of these supplies might provide sustenance for them.

When it comes to gameplay, Undead Fortune is pure Hacksaw. It takes players by the hand and guides them to new heights, building on the foundation laid by the studio’s previous slot releases. While Walking Wilds aren’t exactly groundbreaking, they are in this game since they may offer multipliers as they move and, in the Expanding duel version, can grow to cover more of the grid and continue to accumulate multipliers as they do so. Both may be accessed in either the standard game or during The Curse, when they have a statistically greater chance of occurring. You may also purchase them from the featured buy, albeit doing so may be less appealing after a string of defeats in a combat.

The Tomb might do anything, and is therefore completely unexpected. The returns on bonus buys varied from around 4x the wager to almost 4,651x the bet. Although the other games we reviewed weren’t quite as severe, The Tomb lived up to Hacksaw Gaming’s reputation for instability. In its prime, Undead Fortune may award as much as 10,000 times the initial wager. Undead Fortune features a plethora of multiplication opportunities, and given the studio’s track record, this seems very feasible.

Hacksaw Gaming, which started off specializing in online scratch cards, has become something of a favorite among some streamers, and it is not impossible to imagine that they, among others, would ruin the feature purchase button in Undead Fortune. Luckily, Undead Fortune can also provide amusement for casual gamblers, so long as they are prepared for a possibly bumpy, unpredictable ride and don’t mind a swarm of undead entities constantly trying to beat them up.

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